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Groundhog Day…the anniversary of one ultra famous junkie death

So today is February 2nd, a day where some ridiculous pseudo holiday grew out of whether a groundhog in Punxsutawney PA could see his shadow, and if so, how much longer winter would last.  Whatever.  I live in Hawaii now, so how long winter is going to be is a moot point, and this day had no bearing EVER on any of the more northern places where I’ve spent most of my life.

However, this is also a day when early in the morning in New York city as most were waking up, John Beverly didn’t.  Most people recognize him as Sid Vicious.

One thing is for sure, a lot of people have made a lot of profit by his demise.  People are STILL writing books about him nearly 30 years later, dissecting whether he was a troubled genius misguided and misled or a brain cell deficient follower who couldn’t think an original thought if forced at gunpoint.  He’s the subject of endless speculation, even though he’s been dead longer than he lived (but one could say that most who achieve great fame do it posthumously).  Hot Topic sells shirts bearing his likeness and accessories for anyone who is really wanting to look like him.  Even though his amp wasn’t even plugged in half the time, he was a member of the Sex Pistols for the shortest amount of time, had most of his bass lines overdubbed on recordings, and is probably more well known for the drama in his life (ie his heroin addiction and Nancy, which you could say were one in the same) he’s still the most famous member of that band.

I bet that pisses off the other band members, that the no talent twit with a penchant for self destruction and little else gets more attention even TODAY than the other former Sex Pistol members combined.  That’s not to say that they’ve done nothing or aren’t famous in their own right today, but they’ve had to work like hell for it while all Sid did was die.

Would Mr. Vicious have been part of the prozac nation had he lived?

Would he be around and above ground if Nancy he hadn’t found?  Chloe Webb made her much prettier in the movie than she was in real life, that’s for sure.

Maybe we see these tragic departed characters with a touch of envy.  To err on the side of shooting up too much smack and killing yourself isn’t exactly difficult.   Staying alive and trying to find happiness and meaning out of life and all the things that get thrown at you while you’re still upright and breathing can be a lot harder.  So if you’re one of those people who might be thinking about Mr. Richie/Beverly who’s resting in peace today, maybe give yourself some credit as well.  Living today can be a lot more challenging than ODing in some hotel room…