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We Made It Off The Rock!!! (and Sarah is reminded of her gullibility…again)

The one thing I HAVE learned from this little writing experiment is that time flies a hell of a lot faster than you imagine it to. The lofty goals, the brilliant musings, all of the things I thought the world should know…takes a lot more discipline than I thought. I’d like to say that’s all going to change, but I’m not going to bet the farm…just yet.

In the short while (SWEET!!!  I thought it was going to be 8 or 9 months since my last entry, but it’s only been 2!) since my last post, all of my writing has been dedicated to the delightful task of trying to find a JOB.  I told my still brand new husband that if we got off the rock (meaning Hawaii), his business would grow exponentially.  And you know what?  I WAS RIGHT!!!  However, for me, one who lacks the specific skills, patience, and ambition to stay up all night writing code for web sites, it’s not been as easy.

First…I got swindled.  For goodness sake, this was even on Craigslist AS A WARNING.  It was for an ‘office assistant’ position, which is what I really want to do, learn from a mentor of sorts.  I applied, wrote a brilliant cover letter, sent my resume that I just spent 5 hours re-perfecting the bullet points, and about a week later…I got an email saying I was hired.  The lovely man named Edward Crisp said I would be doing typical administrative things for him from home for $550 a week.  I should have known something was up when I asked if that included withholding or an I9 and he never answered.  He said he was at a summit in London, and he does a lot of philanthropic work, and he was going to sent me a check, I was supposed to buy some stuff for this ‘orphanage,’ send it, and keep $550 for myself.  Orphanage?  Not an uncommon term overall, but in the US, one doesn’t hear it as much here (warning #2).  Then he sent me an email with a delivery confirmation and sent a note about it, why hadn’t I gotten the stuff for the orphanage.  I looked at the confirmation, and it was to a New Hampshire address (warning #3).  Finally, however, a letter DID come, there WAS a check in there, and it was a BANK check!  I told him I’d send him the money as soon as the check cleared.  He told me to wire it NOW because a boy who needs a heart transplant  depends on it (warning #4).  Eh?  what would $2,300 do that was so important.  Finally, I called the bank, and it WAS a real bank, believe it or not, and the first question the person asked was if it had a certain name typed on the lower left line.  Yup, there it was.  Elizabeth Ortiz.  Oddly,  that same day, I got an email from someone else saying I won the same job, but at $400/month.  I told him that he and his lackeys should get their info coordinated if they’re going to scam people.

And then to Mr. Crisp-I was really starting to consider him my future employer.  I sent him an email every day the check DIDN’T come.  I sent him an email that lightly touched on karma, and SHAME ON YOU for trying to rip off nice people who are trying HARD to just get a job.  OK, learned my lesson.

The next day when I went on Craigslist, I looked under the SCAMS area.  Mine was the FIRST ONE they showed.  Now I just felt like a fool for all the time I wasted.

Well, if there is anything to be learned from this is that I learned this the hard way (no, I never lost any money, just time), is that I’ll REALLY know what to look for when perusing the Craigslist classifieds.

Until next time, wish me luck on getting a job!!! sarahanne

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