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WOW, how fast life goes by

I don’t even know what the last thing was that I wrote here. I don’t even know why they held a place for me. And above all, I have nowhere idea where to start.

So, the last time I stopped here, wrote something, and actually posted it was 5 months ago.  In work time, that’s about a decade, as time seems to come to standstills frequently here.  In bridal time, it was a minute.  Everything of your life getting taken over for this 4-5 hour zenith that you are really TRYING to enjoy every moment from, but goodness Lord, there are 175 people and I only knew 30 of them, I don’t like the way I look in the pictures.  The best part-my dad in his rented suit walking me down the aisle.  There’s this picture of us at the beginning and we both have our heads looking down-like father, like daughter.  The pictures of the ceremony that look like I’m about to cry-I’m not.  My brother was in the back, and I was about to crack up the whole time.  When I put the ring on Dale and got more than a few tears out of my normally stoic pops, being quite proud of his offspring for her tone and diction-enunciating at the perfect times, not too loud-honestly, I was pretty dang proud of myself in that moment too.  I know my voice can be heard from space and I was damned if it was going to boom out then.  My brother got his tears out of me with his moving speech.

The WEDDING was perfect.  The RECEPTION I’d prefer not to comment.  I felt gyped, and that’s pretty much it.  And with that, the 60 seconds quickly came to its end as reality kicked back in.

Since then, the primary objective was FIND A PLACE TO LIVE IN PORTLAND.  I am signed up with many different agencies who look for apartments, some looking on other agency’s sites to see if there is anything.  I came across something I liked; it was perfect, end of search.  Then hubby decides that we need to put a $900 cap on rent, and the place I had was around $1,200.  I said I’m sorry, I’ve been restricted, alas.  So the pursuit of a 2BR apt. began in full pursuit.  The one almost constant variable involves carpet.  If a place is carpeted (and I know it is SO MUCH COOLER to have hardwood floors or stone floors or whatever, but I’m SICK OF ROCKS and want carpet, damnit!), the color will be grey.  Most likely a bedroom will be shown, and you will see the PERFECT marks of a freshly steam-cleaned carpet.  EVERY time, that triangular pattern.

I am NOT going to slack and put this in Drafts, but it has approached 5pm, which is when I say goodnight to everyone here.  So post I go.  Will be back soon