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Of Handshakes and Air Kisses

Well, after months of planning and passing tests and memorizing things, my super-beloved Dale has been installed as the highest ranking officer in his fraternal organization (the one that supposedly rules the world).  The fact that HE specifically has been placed in the position is important because he is one of if not the youngest Filipino to hold the job. 

 The ceremony took place on Saturday, and it is one of much pomp and circumstance (literally-that song was played continuously through the installation).  Overall, the event went well and it was a serious, well choreographed yet happy celebration.  I was extremely proud to see his hard work finally pay off.

That is, when I saw him.  He was quite busy shaking hands and being congratulated. 

I knew that when he became the fearless leader of this lodge that things would change.  However, I don’t think I was quite prepared for the ‘first lady’ position.  I have yet to perfect the ‘air kiss.’  I also have to work on my handshake because mine is quite strong which I’m sure lacks a requisite femininity.

What this event did do was give me a glimpse of what to expect in the next year.  In the world, there are introverts, and there are extroverts.  Introverts make up about 25% of the population, extroverts the remaining 75%.  (Whooo Hooo!  I’m unique!  I’m in the minority!  I’m the 1 in the ‘1 in 4’ equation!)  According to this great book called Introvert Advantage, this behavior goes all the way to a chemical response.  Extroverts are charged by the neurochemical of dopamine, which they acquire from being around other people and active situations.  However, introverts are charged by acetylcholine, which they get from calm surroundings, solitude, and one on one interactions.  This would be great if it just was what it was, but it’s not; there’s a corollary-when an introvert is placed in a big boisterous high energy situation, it drains them faster than Dracula did his victims.  Such was the case the day after this party-I was completely wiped out.

The nature of Dale’s new vocation requires a lot more attendance at social functions, whereas before, his presence was generally optional.  I feel like I hold my own pretty well at these functions these days; I used to bring a book or sudoku puzzles, and I haven’t been doing that anymore.  We walk in, there’s a lot of hand shaking and air kissing, and then he politely makes sure I’m comfortably seated (with a drink).  Unfortunately, in his now exalted position, many people now desire a private audience with him which requires that he leave me, and I’m left at the table.  Alone.  Without any reading material.  I’m not sure this counts, but sitting at a table alone with no reading material in the midst of a big social gathering must be some level of Dante’s inferno.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for Dale.  No one is more proud of his achievements than I am, and I wholeheartedly support him in this leadership position.  He’s a born leader, and people LOVE him (I think my parents love him more than my brother OR me).  These events he takes to like a fish to water.  He is entirely in his element.  I think it’s just going to take me a couple more events for me to become more comfortable as his 1st lady. 

Until then, it’s fake it till I make it and enjoy having the house to myself on Tuesdays…